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    Diamond Strike Anywhere Wooden Matches

    Diamond Strike Anywhere Wooden Matches

    SKU: 849050
    Price: $8.95
    3 Box Pack of 300 matches per box, 900 matches total!

    For over 100 years, American consumers have known the Diamond name means quality and excellence. Made in the USA since 1881. It is the 1st American match to be sourced from responsible forests. The red on the tip was replaced by green to indicate this earth in mind solution.

    Strike Anywhere matches have an extra chemical tip on the match, (usually white in color), which allows them to be struck using any abrasive surface. These matches usually have a "bulls-eye" looking tip. Safety matches require the match to be struck on a strip of friction, typically found on the packaging of the match box. These are great for camping, hiking, emergency preparedness kits, and much more. These matches are the large kitchen matches, extra thick for longer burn time

    - Damp-Proof.
    - The Original Light!
    - Easy to light.
    - Strong, sturdy splint.
    - Safe, Non-Toxic Head.
    - "Strike Anywhere" - no need for a strike plate.
    - Burns clean with minimal smoke.
    - Made from the highest quality Aspen wood sourced from Responsible Forests

    Made in the USA.
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