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Modular Operational Ration Enhancement (MORE) Type I: High Altitude/Cold Weather

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USA Modular Operational Ration Enhancement (MORE) for MRE and FSR.

2022 PRODUCTION DATE (First Inspection 2025!!!) AS FRESH AS IT GETS!

FOOD PACKET MODULAR OPERATIONAL RATION ENHANCEMENT was specially designed for added nutrition during high altitude operations or at temperatures below 40F.

High Altitude/Cold Weather Pack #1 - Caffeine Chocolate Pudding, Nut and Fruit Mix, Toaster Pastry, Mixed Berry Energy Gel, Cheddar Filled Pretzels.
Nutrition: 1,160 cal; 162 g carb; 20 g pro; 48 g fat.
Pack Weight: 0.75 lbs

High Altitude/Cold Weather Pack #2 - Chocolate First Strike Bar, Nut and Fruit Mix, Lemon Lime Energy Gel, BBQ Corn Kernels, Teriyaki Beef Stick, Cinnamon Caffeinated Gum, Beverage Carb Fortified.
Nutrition: 1,340 cal; 194 g carb; 30 g pro; 49 g fat.
Pack Weight: 0.75 lbs

High Altitude/Cold Weather Pack #3 - Fortified Plain Cracker, Spread Soup Mix, Sweetened Applesauce, Cheddar Baked Cracker, Mini Mocha First Strike Bar, Beverage Carb Fortified.
Nutrition: 1,130 cal; 164 g carb; 14 g pro; 46 g fat.
Pack Weight: 0.75 lbs

What is it?
The Modular Operational Ration Enhancement (MORE) was developed to augment daily operational rations with additional components tailored to particular environments. There are two types of MORE, one targets high altitude and cold weather while the other is intended for hot weather operations. Warfighters in extreme environments, such as cold weather, high altitude, or elevated temperature, require extra calories beyond the standard operational rations in order to combat weight loss and decreased physical and cognitive abilities. The MORE provides the correct amount of extra calories for these specific environmental scenarios with the right balance of fat, carbohydrate, and protein. By augmenting the MRE™ or FSR™ with additional calories and nutrients, the Warfighter is capable of performing at maximum capacity in extreme environments. The MORE is not a replacement to the MRE or FSR; it is a scientifically balanced addition that ensures peak performance in even the most austere battlefield locations.

What is in it?
MORE components are calorically dense and carry a balance of carbohydrates, caffeine, electrolytes, vitamins, antioxidants, and amino acids. The MORE includes food components that are essential to improving the mental and physical abilities of Warfighters in demanding, extreme conditions.

How do I eat it?
The MORE-High Altitude/Cold Weather and MORE-Hot Weather are composed of developmental and commercial items, including caffeinated pudding, energy gels, carbohydrate-enhanced beverages, First Strike bars, carbohydrate-dense nut mixes, crackers, caffeinated gum and Zapplesauce. Drink powders are issued in easy-to-use pouches hourglass pouches.

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