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Insta-Fire Water and Wind Resistant Fire Starter - Six (6) Single Use/Half Cup Packets
Insta-Fire Water and Wind Resistant Fire Starter - Six (6) Single Use/Half Cup Packets

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Insta-Fire is a safe, simple, and versatile new fire starting product. It has water-repellent properties, a fifteen minute burn time and a thirty year shelf life. Use it to light campfires, prepare charcoal briquettes, or as a safe and reliable fuel source for cooking or heating in emergency situations.

It is a patented blend of volcanic rock, wood pellets, and paraffin wax. It is water resistant so it can be used in even the most severe weather conditions.

Fantastic for camping and outdoors use – indispensable in an emergency situation! Plus, it's an environmentally friendly way to get a fire started quickly and safely – all natural with no added chemicals!!!

One cup of Insta-Fire will boil 2 cups of water in 10 minutes. It will light 75 charcoal briquettes in 10 minutes. It will also provide enough fuel to cook even the toughest of meals. It can also be used as a stand alone fire with 2 cups burning for approximately 45 minutes with occasional stirring.

Q. What is Insta-Fire?

A. Insta-Fire is a patented blend of volcanic rock, wood pellets, and paraffin wax. This patented formula is what makes Insta-Fire water resistant for use in even the most severe weather.

Q. What is Insta-Fire used for?

A. Anytime, anywhere, a fire is needed Insta-Fire provides a safe, clean, environmentally friendly way to start that fire.

Q. Why do I need Insta-Fire?

A. If you ever light a fire, need a fire, cook with fire, then you need Insta-Fire. Insta-Fire was designed as an emergency fire starter. If you are back packing, hiking camping, fishing, hunting, survival, snowmobiling, snow shoeing, skiing, mountain climbing, four wheeling, any thing to do with the outdoors, you will need Insta-fire, at least once in your journey.

Q. How much fire does Insta-Fire produce?

A. Insta-Fire produces a 12-16 inch high flame for 15-30 minutes depending on conditions and amount used.

Q. How fast does it light?

A. Light time of ½ to1 second, depending on the humidity and type of match or lighter used it can take up to 5 seconds. It will light similar to lighting an ordinary candle.

Q. Is Insta-Fire dangerous - Will it explode?

A. Insta-Fire is NOT a combustible therefore there is no explosion hazard, due to the wax substance it is recommended that Insta-fire be kept in a cool dry place or the wax will melt above 150 degrees.

Q. Does Insta-Fire work if it gets wet?

A. Due to the wax substance Insta-fire is water resistant it will work if it gets wet.

Q. Can I extinguish Insta-Fire and then re-use it?

A. Yes, you can smother the fire and then re-use Insta-fire at your own time.

Q. Does Insta-Fire work in the wind or will it blow out?

A. You do have to shield Insta-fire from the wind when you first light it, however Insta-Fire will burn in winds in upwards of 30 MPH once it is lit.

Q. Will Insta-Fire boil water?

A. Yes, Insta-Fire will boil 2 cups of water in 15 minutes or less. Recommend using a lid for faster boil.

Q. Is there an odor?

A. Yes, there is an odor, we use Pine, Aspen & Fir wood pellets that makes a lovely pine scent, there is also an slight odor from the wax substance much like a candle burning.

Q. Can I cook with Insta-Fire?

A. Yes, as with any fire you can cook with the flame. Just allow proper ventilation to flame.

Q. If my fire is going out can I add more to it?

A. Yes, you can add more Insta-Fire to any fire just as long as you don’t smother the flame when pouring. If you do, simply relight.

Uses for Insta-Fire:

  • Starting any fire.
  • Lighting a campfire
  • Lighting a bon fire
  • Lighting Charcoal Briquettes.
  • Use with a charcoal chimney
  • Using with a Charcoal Grill
  • Using an out door grill at a Park for instance
  • Using Insta-fire as a self standing fire.
  • 2 cups burn for ½ hour to an hour with periodic stirring.
  • Where Insta-fire can be Used
  • Camping, using insta-fire to light a campfire for the evenings and mornings
  • RV-ing, using Insta-fire to light a relaxing fire every morning &night, every RV needs a tub of insta-fire.
  • Backpacking, either for day use or a just in case you need a fire, insta-fire will be there to save you.
  • Snow shoeing, don’t get stuck out in the snow with out means to start a fire, just in case.
  • Hunting, every hunter has a fire to tell stories around.
  • Hiking, another just in case no one can predict what will happen during a hiking trip.
  • Fishing, Insta-fire is just as important as a fishing pole.
  • ATV-ing more important than a helmet, insta-fire can get a fire going when your wheeler dies.
  • Snowmobiles Always have insta-fire in your snowmobile its not if but when on a snowmobile.
  • Cross/back country skiing, it is a must, don’t get stuck with out means for a fire.
  • Survival Kit, Every survival kit needs means to start a fire.
  • 72 hour kits, every 72 hour kit needs means to start a fire. 72 hours is 3 full days.
  • Boating, boaters love to get off in the sand and have a fire, Insta-fire will dry wet wood.
  • Scouting, Every Scout needs to have a fire.
  • Dutch Oven Cooking, Light your charcoal briquettes with Insta-fire.
  • Out-door Grilling; Insta-fire will get your charcoal briquettes going 75 in 7 minutes.
  • Out-door Fireplaces, Insta-fire will get the fireplace lit instantly and safely.
  • Backyard fire pits, one match one fire, light insta-fire and forget it.
  • Home Storage, get a 3 month food storage, but don’t forget a means to cook it, insta-fire has a 30 year shelf life, and will always be ready to cook a meal.
  • Motorcycles, whether your on a Harley or just out for a day ride take a pack with you just in case.
  • Emergency road side incase your car breaks down, have a tub in your trunk so you can have a fire.
  • Moto-cross, if your out riding the bikes have some insta-fire every where you go.
  • Preparing for disasters

Experts worry that if a major disaster occurs we will be without electricity or natural gas for a long period of time. Unfortunately disasters occur all over the world, sometimes when we least expect it. As we learned from Hurricane Katrina and many others, Government assistance is often 72 to 96 + hours away. Fuel is an often overlooked item when preparing for a disaster but a critical one. Fuel is a must to boil water, cook your food, heat your shelter & boost morale.

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